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GCSE Biology Tuition

GCSE Biology is a science which is all about living things whether they are animals or plants. Key Stage 4 is going through a major curriculum change which all teachers are becoming familiar with how to teach the new GCSE Biology which will be sat by all Year 11s in the summer of 2017. The new syllabus has been created by talking to teachers so that they are more interested in teaching the subject and also making it relevant and interesting for children to learn and for teachers to teach.

The expectation is the that order of delivery is in a logical way and develop the skills of all pupils. The subject requires practical experiments to be done and allows the children to learn content which can be tested in examinations.

The question papers have been streamlined so that the language used in much clearer and easier to understand which allow the students not to get confused. Gradually the questions will become more difficult in the exam to differentiate between the very highest grades. The exam papers which are called specimen papers have been tested by over 2700 children and they believe that the exam papers are more clearer and straightforward than ever.


All children can prepare for the more easily as resources are provided online by the exam boards.

These resources include past papers, mark scheme and the biggest secret of them all: the examiners’ reports The examiners’ reports is written by the examiners and let students and teachers know how each question was answered and outline what are the common pitfalls in that paper. This is an excellent way of getting to know what went wrong in the paper. Specimen Papers are also published to show what the paper will look like and also the mark schemes for the new courses. There is a software programme which allows you find particular topic exam questions called ExamPro.

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