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GCSE Chemistry Tuition

GCSE Chemistry can be one of the most unpopular subjects for children as their experience of the subject may have not been good. They may have been led to believe that it is a science therefore it is a very hard subject. The subject is not difficult as the basics need to be taught to the children. If we were to ask the children if they have seen a periodic table in the classroom the answer will probably be ‘yes’, if then we then ask them what is the purpose of this then they may be unclear. If a child was asked if they have seen a times table chart in a maths classroom they will probably look at you in confusion and think that you are being silly. The most important aspect of maths is basic arithmetic and similarly chemistry has to have a basic understanding of the periodic table. We at The Learning Academy can help take a child’s level of understanding to the highest level possible.

GCSE Chemistry progress must be closely linked to the past exam papers and it is important that access to the AQAEdexcel or OCR exam papers is regular and frequent as Year 10 and 11 progress towards the exam season.

gcse chemistry