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11+ Tuition in Ashford.

What is the Kent Test & 11+ ?

The Kent Test, 11+ or the 11 Plus is a test that is given to pupils who are in their last year of primary school (Year 6). The purpose of the Kent Test is to determine whether or not a pupil is academically suited to attend a grammar school from Year 7 onwards.

The Kent Test, also known as the 11 Plus, normally takes place in one of the pupil’s school classrooms during the September of Year 6.

The 11+ Test is not compulsory, if your child goes to a local authority primary school in Kent they will be eligible to apply to sit the 11 Plus. Ashford Kent is an area that has many grammar schools to which every child is able to attend when they meet the entry requirements.

The Kent Test (11 Plus) consists of:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Maths
  • English

Kent Test & 11 Plus Tuition at The Learning Academy

We have been providing expert 11+ tuition in Ashford Kent since 2002 and have had numerous children who have achieved outstanding 11 Plus results in the Kent Selection Test. If you are looking for the same for your child you have come to the right place.

At the Learning Academy we have expert 11 Plus teachers who are familiar with the components of the 11 Plus exam. After an initial assessment every student follows a programme bespoke to the individual dependent on their learning needs.  We are passionate about the progress each student makes and we build a strong rapport with every student as well as their parents. Careful guidance will be provided to allow each student to be ready for the exam in September. The students are continually assessed and parents receive regular feedback on progress so they can support appropriately at home.  The children work through a variety of resources in preparation for the 11 Plus including papers written by the teachers at the TLA which are unique to The Learning Academy.  Our teachers at The Learning Academy have also produced the TLA Cloud a resource packed full of thousands of questions which tests all areas of the 11 Plus (Kent Test).

Experienced qualified teachers familiar with the 11 Plus & Kent Test.

We teach the skills the children need to sit each component of the 11 Plus exam as well as build confidence and develop independence with tackling the questions which they may experience in the Kent Test.

The 11 Plus journey is not an easy one for students or parents however the TLA team are always available to support when needed. The teachers at the TLA will ensure that each child achieves their potential with careful nurturing, teaching and above all compassion. Our pupils feel comfortable in their learning at the TLA as the family-styled environment achieves positive outcomes. We feel that good mental health is important at the TLA so we promote a positive mindset for learning as our teachers work with each student especially when they are preparing for such a demanding exam like the 11 Plus.

The Learning Academy Key Steps for Success in the 11 Plus (Kent Test)

  1. Regular lessons with our specialist Kent Test teachers to cover the TLA 11 Plus Curriculum allowing the key concepts and techniques to be taught effectively. 
  2. Frequent practise at home with parental support enables the student to concrete the skills taught at our centre this can be done using The Learning Academy resources:
  • The TLA Cloud – targeted resources to reinforce and consolidate knowledge.
  • The TLA Papers – to build resilience, stamina and confidence.


Contact us for further information on how The Learning Academy can support your child to be fully prepared for the 11 Plus (Kent Test).

Contact us for further information on how The Learning Academy can support your child’s educational journey.

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