About the TLA Cloud

Every parent wants their child to do well academically and reach their potential. The Learning Academy has developed a system which enables the parents and child to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes.


The system has been developed to allow parents and children to track their progress and see how they can improve. The questions are regularly updated therefore the system is always as up to date as can be.

Why should I choose the TLA Cloud?

The TLA Cloud allows a user to access thousands of questions which are presented in the format the same as an 11 Plus exam. 


The level of difficulty has been developed by teachers who have a deep knowledge of the selective education system and the style of questions.


Each area of the 11 Plus is covered therefore there are no surprises for the children when they sit an exam. Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths, English, Spatial and Verbal Reasoning are rigorously tested in timed and untimed conditions.


The monthly subscription of £29.99 allows access to system and can be used on any device as long as there is internet access.

Enter the TLA Cloud!