Expert Tuition in Ashford

The Learning Academy tutors in Ashford offer expert tuition in Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, English, Reading and Spelling for primary school children. We also cover GCSE Maths and Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) for secondary children.

We give a unique tutoring service to parents which includes:

  • a free diagnostic assessment for your child
  • individual education plans
  • fully qualified experienced teachers
  • structured learning materials
  • on going assessment of your child
  • a strong emphasis on motivation and success
  • a variety of lesson times

All of our lessons are 60 minutes as we know that this is the optimum time for a child to concentrate. In excess of 60 minutes causes tiredness which can lead to a child losing concentration.

All work is planned in advance for each child and there is a crisp start to each lesson thus ensuring that your child works as soon as they arrive.

We welcome parental consultation and thus the partnership between child, parent and tutor is one of trust and honesty.

There is a high level of communication between us and you whether it is via phone conversation, text messaging or email and of course face to face consultation.

We set homework, where needed, which allows you to support your child and make sure that progress takes place.

There is no need to book a large number of lessons as we allow complete freedom for the parent to book one lesson or more if they wish. It is vital that your child enjoys coming rather than being committed to a number of lessons we are flexible and caring. Your child’s enjoyment and learning is always at the core of everything we do.

We are experienced teachers with up to date knowledge of the curriculum. Our methods are well rooted in education and we have embedded outstanding teaching in our tuition methods. We are good at what we do as our knowledge is current.

We deploy the same high level of teaching we would expect to be delivered to our children – nothing less than outstanding teaching by outstanding teachers.

We have helped over 700 pupils secure places in grammar schools, independent schools and also achieve excellent results at GCSE and A Level exams. Places at super selective schools have been secured by our pupils with the right kind of support.