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We would like to warmly welcome you to The Learning Academy’s premier 11 Plus tutoring centre where we offer excellent private tuition in Ashford by experienced teachers that can help your child to achieve their full potential.

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The Learning Academy has helped over 700 pupils secure places in grammar schools, independent schools and also achieve excellent results in their GCSE exams. Places at super selective schools have been secured by our pupils with the right kind of support.

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The Learning Academy offers expert tuition in Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, English, Reading and Spelling for primary school children. We also cover GCSE Maths, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics for secondary school students.

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The Learning Academy offers a range of expertly developed primary school tuition sessions in English, Maths, Reading & Spelling and also a range of secondary level sessions in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics perfect for students undertaking their GCSEs.


Get your first lesson with TLA for free! We offer bespoke lessons with our experienced teachers at both primary and secondary levels from our tuition centre in Ashford.

Private Tutors in Ashford

The Learning Academy in Ashford was established in 2002 and has been achieving excellence ever since.

The Learning Academy offers high calibre bespoke private tuition sessions in Ashford. In addition to preparing your child for their 11 Plus (Kent Test), we also provide tailored learning solutions for SATs, GCSEs and Common Entrance exams. With the Kent Test preparation the children are continually assessed and parents receive regular feedback on progress. The key to your child’s progress is the strong relationship between the parent and teacher. We will forge strong links with you to ensure progress is sustained.

We were the first tutoring centre in Ashford and have had hundreds of children achieve success with us – teaching is our passion, building high self-esteem and securing progress are key to your child achieving with us.

Our Teachers

We are teachers who have been teaching for over 20 years each in a variety of schools with a variety of age ranges and abilities. We have up to date experience of delivering the primary and secondary National Curriculum which is utilised to teach the children who attend the TLA.

At The Learning Academy the children are only taught by experienced qualified teachers not sixth form students, university students, teaching assistants, unqualified teachers or computers.

The Learning Academy only employ qualified experienced classroom teachers who have an honours degree and a postgraduate teaching qualification as well as being DBS checked. Please make sure you check the qualifications of anyone you’re paying to educate your child.

If you want The Learning Academy to help your child make rapid progress then browse our website and feel free to contact us.

We cover many areas which include 11+ or 11 Plus tutoring, confidence building, SATs, Literacy, Numeracy, homework support, GCSEs and QTS exams. We also have specialist teachers who can help prepare your child for all aspects of GCSE French and GCSE Spanish.

We are not just teachers. We are a family and believe in community, loyalty and trust. Come and join the TLA family. Your child only has one chance so let us help them to get the best outcomes. Don’t take our word for it see our Parent Reviews.

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Educational Consultants

The Learning Academy offers students a range of expert tutoring sessions with experienced and qualified teachers that have an up to date knowledge of the curriculum. We can help you guide your child to the highest possible standards.

11+ Mock Tests

The Learning Academy offers mock tests which are comprehensive in content and cover all areas of the Kent Test. All students are rigorously tested with a very detailed analysis given as part of service. Dates will be announced soon to allow places to booked online.

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11 Plus, SATs and GCSEs

We offer expert tuition in Non-Verbal & Verbal Reasoning, Maths, English, Reading & Spelling for primary school children and also cover GCSE Maths, English, Spanish, French and Science for secondary school students.

Bespoke Sessions

The Learning Academy is a private tuition centre based in Ashford that offers students expert tutoring sessions designed on an individual basis to cover all of your child’s educational needs.


The Learning Academy are now hiring! We are looking for experienced teachers at both primary and secondary levels that are based in or near to Ashford.

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Reasons to Choose Us

Not just teachers

We are not just teachers. We are a family and believe in community, loyalty and trust.


We actually do the most rewarding job in the world.  Working with children who want to learn and families who want their children to succeed.

Helping Model the Future

One of the most important things we adults can do for young children is to model the kind of person we would like them to be.




Parent of Year 4 & Year 6

“I highly recommend TLA for the following reasons: their ability to grasp the gaps in my son’s learning, identify the areas of focus needed to significantly raise his level of English and Maths and teach in a way that he responds and excels, where he absolutely looks forward to his sessions. Parm and Surinder knew exactly how to work with Zach to get the best out of him, always encouraging and tapping into his motivation. I felt that they really cared and were invested in his success and I can not thank them enough for the truly amazing impact they have had on Zach over the last year. Thank you”

“My son got great results and has just received confirmation that he got the school he wanted. Thanks for all your help.”

“Thank you all at TLA for tutoring my daughter in preparing for her 11+ exams. Not only did she enjoy each weekly session but her confidence and knowledge grew and she passed with flying colours. My son also attended a few years ago, and again succeeded.”

“I have enjoyed coming to The Learning Academy and I have learnt so much. Thank you.”

“GCSE preparation has been excellent and has allowed me to do the module exams with confidence. Thank you.”

“Our son really enjoyed every session with TLA – the team helped build his confidence from week to week so that he was fully prepared for his 11+ exams which he has just passed. Many thanks to TLA, we will definitely be returning for our other children.”

“Delighted with TLA. Very good at helping my son prepare for his 11+ which he has subsequently passed. Many thanks TLA.”

“TLA Kent Team helped build my daughters confidence and numeracy skills in preparation for her 11+ and I will definitely use them again if she needs additional support with her grammar school subjects. Thank you TLA.”

“It is clear that the additional help has really allowed my son become more effective in class.”

“I would like to thank you for the progress my son has made at school. They have come up to me in school and mentioned it. I did say it was somewhat down to you! Thanks, you certainly have the midas touch.”

“All the staff create an excellent team, My daughters have been with TLA for not only 11+ prep but also secondary subjects. Their confidence and class room skills only went from strength to strength which was clearly the impact of TLA.”

“An invaluable tool in preparing our daughter for her 11+ exam, her confidence and skills were built on in the 16 months that she attended – she went into her exam fully prepared and came out knowing she had done her very best.”

“TLA has been excellent in supporting my child through the 11+ process. My child has been attending for many years now.”

GCSE Science

It is early days for my son but already he feels more confident I am pleased with regard to the individual approach taken to my son’s learning and with Parm’s expert tutoring Dan is grasping and retaining knowledge beyond his present understanding of the subject The Learning Academy is a real find!!

GCSE Science

I currently attend science GCSE sessions once a week, and I feel that I learn a great deal every session that I attend. TLA has boosted both my confidence and my knowledge for my GCSEs and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs the extra help in any subject. It also helps that the staff are extremely helpful and friendly, and they meet all of my needs.

Tuition Year 4

I enjoy going to The Learning Academy because it’s fun and I learn new things.

Year 5 student

The Learning Academy helps me learn and prepare for the 11 plus. Thank you to all the teachers for helping me!

Parent of Year 4 and 6

I would like to thank you both for your time last night it was extremely beneficial and gave us hope which we really need right now. Our little men put so much effort in at school, so it is encouraging to learn that they will get there, in their own way! Both boys left yours and said they really enjoyed their lesson. When I informed them they would be coming back on Saturday there was a great roar of appreciation so again, thank you for your encouragement and making them feel confident in their studying.

Year 6 Maths Tuition

My son who is in Year 6, enjoys going to his weekly tuition and I have never had to drag him to it! The one-to-one situation with the same teacher each time means he gets all the attention and help he needs during tailored lessons. Feedback at the end of a lesson is also a plus for parents. Thank you TLA!

Year 2 Tutoring

Our son and daughter are in Year 2, they both enjoy attending The Learning Academy. Our daughter in particular is more confident with her maths and the one to one tuition sessions has been helpful in terms of learning new techniques to solve and understand maths. She has also successfully completed all her times table tests with her headteacher this week and will be getting a certificate on Monday. Our son has also made significant progress in creative writing and comprehension, he has learnt the key ingredients to incorporate when writing as well as improving his joined-up handwriting. As a parent the comprehensive feedback after each session is extremely helpful in terms progress being made by our children….. Many thanks to TLA.

Year 11 GCSE Student

The Learning Academy has been a real enjoyment for me and has helped me in my GCSE Science and I would definitely offer this service to my friends because not only does it help you with whatever you struggle with, but it’s a fun time whenever you’re here! Nothing is ever serious as TLA team have a lot of patience and never get angry if you get something wrong. I would like to say a big thanks for boosting my GCSE Science grades, my confidence in lessons and getting answers right! Thank you so much!

Year 6 Maths

It’s amazing how much you can learn in one hour every weekend.



Year 10 GCSE Science

The best tuition I have ever been to! I learnt more in just one lesson than I did in a week in school. Would recommend to anyone.

My son has made fantastic

My son has made fantastic progress in maths over the past 5 months. His confidence and engagement in maths has grown due to the supportive, challenging and personalised input from Surinder. I appreciate the feedback after the lesson so I can discuss the lesson later with my son.

Keir Williams

My children enjoy learning at

My children enjoy learning at TLA.
TLA helped my son pass his 11+ test and my daughter is more confident in maths.
Thank you.

Nadia Mustafa

We are sending both our

We are sending both our children (Year 7 and 5) and are very happy with The Learning Academy. The teaching is tailored to each pupil which enables better progress and results. The teachers are also very approachable which makes the children comfortable. They enjoy going to their lessons. All very positive. Thank you TLA!


Thank you – The Learning Academy

Thank you to the tutors and TLA for the excellent support you have given to my son in developing better maths GCSE confidence and results. I can’t thank you enough.

Mark Morris

Primary Tuition

Both my daughter in year 6 and son in year 3 started TLA barely three months ago and have gained so much confidence in their Maths and English. We are very impressed with the children’s progress which shows in their school work and home.
The children say they enjoy the lessons and feel relaxed doing their work.
Thank you both for paying attention to them and being true to your words of assurance that TLA will ensure they tutor them to their level and higher.

Nkoli Onyejeli

From my sons first lesson

From my son’s first lesson with the tutor, the improvement was very noticeable and from each lesson since. What’s more, he thoroughly enjoys being there!

Helen Bensley

11 Plus Kent Test

My son has made fantastic progress in maths over the past 5 months. His confidence and engagement in maths has grown due to the supportive, challenging and personalised input from the tutor. I appreciate the weekly review post lesson so I can discuss the lesson later with my son.

Year 11 GCSE Maths

My daughter who is in Year 11 has been attending TLA to help her in Maths and Science. She always comes out of each session having learnt something new, an understanding of what she has learnt, confident and positive and has had fun whilst learning. I would definitely recommend the TLA.

Yasmin thank you letter.

“Thank you so much for pushing me to my full potential! I am ever so grateful for all your help. I honestly don’t know what i would have done without you both! Lots of Love Yasmin”


Louis thank you letter

“Thanks for all your hard work with Louis. Even in the short amount of time he has been with you he has definitely become more confident in maths. Fingers crossed for August!!”


Emily’s thank you letter

“Thank you so much for being such awesome teachers. We love coming to your lessons!! Lots of love.”


Henry’s thank you letter

“Thank you for helping me, I have enjoyed my lessons, love from Henry.”


“Thank you very much Surinder! For helping Varun do better! I am so glad he is confident in class in doing maths and English now . The Tuitions have certainly helped him a lot.. Thank you again!”

Year 6 parent

“Both my sons attend TLA to support and enhance their English and Maths learning and the results have been amazing. My youngest son has just taken an Independent School Entrance exam and because of his own hard work and the dedicated, professional, caring support from TLA, he has successfully won himself a place! Their teaching methods, techniques and approach, certainly make it more fun for the boys to attend each week?.”

Parent of Year 5 & 8
“We stumled on the website, enrolled our son, later our daughter. They both enjoy the lessons. Our son passed the 11+. The engagement and communication from the teachers are excellent – they listen, assess each child, consider and explore options and discuss the best way forward before implimenting this. Their regular feedback makes you feel involved with the child’s progress.

It’s a great learning environment. We’ve already recommended another family and will surely do so in the future.

Thank you!”

Parents of Year 3 & Year 6

“The tutors at TLA did a great job of assessing my son and identifying quite quickly the areas in which he needs support. We have seen good improvement since he started his lessons. Will gladly recommend TLA to other parents looking for one on one well resourced tutoring in the Ashford area.”

Parent of Year 5

“My twins have just passed the 11+. Surinder and Parm supported them through the whole process, taking care of their individual needs and worries. They were calm, patience and kind while providing detailed feedback and targets. They gave my girls confidence in their ability and addresses areas of concern as they arose. The girls were sad when the time came to stop seeing them. I would whole heartedly recommend them as tutors.”

Parent of Year 6

“Parm and Surinder guided my twin girls through the 11+ with gentleness and clear understanding of their individual needs. They gave the girls confidence in their abilities and demonstrated great patience. Both girls have expressed sadness at not seeing Parm and Surinder again. I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Parent of Year 6

“I was worried that extra tuition would be tough on my daughter and she would not enjoy the experience…Parm and Surinder were so friendly and supportive that she came to enjoy her sessions and never resented the additional work. The environment is relaxed and the approach gentle and encouraging. I would recommend.”

Parent of Year 5

“My daughter who is in year 3 has made an amazing progress in school. She jumped from needing support in all three subjects to non, plus reaching times table 12 in maths. Her confidence has tripled since the beginning of the year. Many thanks TLA.”

Parent of Year 3

“Very friendly people, made learning something new exciting for our son who went on to pass the Kent Test with over 20 points to spare. Would highly recommend The Learning Academy to anyone looking for additional support for their child.
You’ll be in safe hands with this couple!”

Parent of Year 6

“I am so pleased that I chose The Learning Academy for 11+ tutoring for my son. It gave him the space and time to focus on his studying and he got on really well with the tutors. The tutors are patient, supportive and create a genuine affinity with their students. I would highly recommend their services.”

Parent of Year 6

“Parm helped my daughter 8 years ago with her 11+ and she passed with flying colours and then just recently Parm helped her with the QTS test so she can be a teacher and yet again she passed with flying colours, she was given the confidence to be able to take these tests and pass first time. So very pleased they helped my daughter to reach her goals. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Parent of Year 13