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Benefits of a Qualified Tutor

Tutoring is not a one-size-fits-all process. The Learning Academy helps children with life skills, such as time management, organisation skills and with academic studies as well as, GCSEs and SATs preparation. In case a child has a learning difficulty, The Learning Academy is able to help parents ask the right questions of the child’s teacher and to…


Key Stage 2 Literacy

Key Stage 2 Literacy Synonyms and Antonyms

In Key Stage 2 Literacy, synonyms and antonyms play a key part and are quite often seen in the 11 plus and Key Stage 2 SATs. These grammar terms can confuse both pupils and parents. Key Stage 2 Literacy – Synonyms These are words which have the same meaning. A thesaurus contains a number of…


Key Stage 1 Literacy

Key Stage 1 Literacy – Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and Punctuation during Key Stage 1 Literacy Grammar and punctuation is key to good writing and during Primary school the children build their skills in this area. The initial building blocks start in Key Stage 1 Literacy this is made up of Year 1 and 2. By the end of Key Stage 1 children…


Key Stage 1 Maths

Frequent oral practice of Maths skills will really help your child’s progress in Key Stage 1 Maths. This can be done incidentally whenever you have a spare moment, e.g. in the car; waiting for something/someone; at mealtimes; when you are out and about . If you can make it into a game all the better.…


Enjoy Reading Together

Reading is the Key to Learning

Reading is the key to learning. Helping with reading will develop one of the most important skills your child will learn and use for the rest of their lives. It opens the door to the world of adventure increasing their imagination and curiosity. They can gain knowledge from what they read hence develop their love…


11+ The Learning Academy

11+ Preparation – When? How? Where?

11+ Preparation The core subjects for success in the 11+ are English and Maths. A wide vocabulary and accurate spelling are essential for Verbal Reasoning papers, and most papers also have mathematical questions on them which require a child to be secure in the basic operations of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Non-Verbal Reasoning papers…


The Learning Academy Growth Mindset

Primary & Secondary Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset in Ashford Kent Growth mindset is something that all parents and children need to embrace. Have you ever thought about how your mind works and if you or your child has a particular type of mind. There is research which suggests that there are two types of minds and it is possible to…


GCSE Revision

Revision for GCSEs Tuition can help

Revision for GCSEs Tuition can help GCSEs are approaching so it is revision season. It is essential that children know how to improve their study skills so they get the best out of their revision. Motivation with GCSE Revision When doing revision for GCSEs children will quite often look at a task and think there’s…