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GCSE Maths has gone through a considerable change and all pupils who started their GCSE Maths in September 2015 are now following the new syllabus, The Learning Academy offers specialist GCSE Maths Tuition and delivers the latest techniques covering this. The gradings for the new GCSE Maths are not the grades which we are all used to, the grades A* to G will not be awarded for childrens’ exam results but a new grading system is introduced from grades 9 to 1. This is quite a change because it is difficult for parents and pupils to see how well they have done compared to the old A* to G grades. Schools and teachers are going through a change as well as the children and this is causing some concerns for everyone involved.

New Challenges

The new GCSE Maths is now a little more challenging which means that the grade 9 is actually more difficult to achieve than the old A*. ‘How has this changed?’ you may ask and the answer is quite easy. The GCSE Maths has more difficult tasks which are currently found on the A Level syllabus which means that the work is slightly harder. The amount of work has also changed which also means that schools need to teach the GCSE Maths by having more lessons of Maths in Years 10 and 11 than they had previously.

The new GCSE Maths grade 3.5 would be approximately the same as a grade but this is not entirely correct because the grades are only given as whole numbers. This does it make it quite hard for a parent, child and a teacher to compare results. It is important that all children are very clear of what they need to do and also to make sure that they know where to access resources to help them.

Exam Board

The various exam board websites are worth looking at and the exams will be split into three different papers: one non-calculator and two calculator papers each one is marked out of 80 and each one is worth 33%. Each of the papers has short questions at the beginning which are single mark answers which followed by questions with a number of steps. As with any exam paper the more challenging questions appear as the paper progresses.

The AQA website shows the details of the new exam paper.

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