Tutoring is not a one-size-fits-all process. The Learning Academy helps children with life skills, such as time management, organisation skills and with academic studies as well as 11+ (Kent Test), SATs and GCSE preparation. If a child has a learning difficulty, TLA is able to help parents ask the right questions at school and to assist in navigating the whole educational journey for the child.

The Learning Academy has done a lot of parent coaching and can support and advise parents to understand communications from school.  It may be that parents have not experienced the educational pathway in recent times and we can guide them through the process.

We believe that a qualified teacher will get the best out of your child as they have subject and curriculum knowledge as well as being able to adapt the tutoring to your child’s learning style.  All the tutors at TLA are qualified teachers with an honours degree, a post graduate teaching qualification as well as experience of teaching in the classroom.

TLA can be the intermediary and provide consistency which ensures that secure learning takes place.

Let The Learning Academy help your child soar to new heights with their learning.