New Curriculum

If you as a parent do not know about the changes to the curriculum then it is a good idea to continue reading this article. The new curriculum has meant that every child currently at school now will be experiencing a shift in the topics that they are being taught. It is clear that some children are being left behind with the speed of the new curriculum changes which are taking place. The new curriculum ‘bus’ continues to move while the teachers steer it through a tricky road and the children may be on board but could be sitting on the wrong seat. You may find this difficult to understand but as parents you will know how your child copes with changes. Also you will know how they will cope with the new changes. To cope with sudden changes can be hard if they are still grasping new concepts. Whether they are in primary school or secondary school the changes mean that everything has been shunted to the year below. This means that if a child is studying a GCSE Maths then they will encounter an A Level topic in their new curriculum – if you view this article then you can see how hard Maths has become. All of these changes as a result of the new curriculum are happening in all year groups. It is clear that the children need support with the new curriculum and we are experts in the field of education. We would be able assist in supporting children and hopefully get them sitting in the correct seats sooner rather than later.

If you were to think about supporting a child it is the same as teaching a child to ride a bike. It would be unwise to remove the stabilisers from a bike and not holding the saddle until you and your child feel safe. When you both feel safe you as the parent tentatively remove your hand and see how they get on. As soon as you are happy you let go completely and you child will be totally unaware and will pedal away contently.