Reading is the key to learning.

Helping with reading will develop one of the most important skills your child will learn and use for the rest of their lives. It opens the door to the world of adventure increasing their imagination and curiosity. They can gain knowledge from what they read hence develop their love of learning.

How to Help?

  • As children quite often mimic their parents, set a good example by reading books yourself.
  • Take your child to the library where there are hundreds of books and free of charge so you don’t need to spend a fortune.
  • Quite often parents think that reading is about ploughing through lots of books and levels on a school reading scheme but it is far more than this. It can also be about newspapers, magazines, websites and other literature (leaflets, information booklets, poems etc.).
  • Surround your child with books both around the house and in their bedroom. You will find your child will be more inclined to pick them up and get absorbed in the pages.
  • It is important to listen to your child read even when they get older. Children love reading to adults as it makes then feel like ‘adults’.
  • Visit our website for suggestions to books for each year group.

Comprehension Skills

Even a child who reads fluently and clearly, may not be reading with understanding. It is important that they think about and understand what they are reading. Once they have a good understanding then they will enjoy the book or story. Careful questioning can help to improve your child’s comprehension skills. Stop occasionally as your child reads the book and ask – What do you think will happen next? Remind me of what has happened so far? How do you think the story will end? Which is your favourite part of the story? Many books have been adapted into a film or play and this can help your child visualise what they have read and aid discussion.

Have fun together and remember not to ask too many questions so that your child becomes frustrated because they want to actually reach the end of the book.