Can you believe this castle descriptive writing has been done by one of our year 7 pupils?

Aaron has blown us away with his English work. He has used higher level vocabulary choices and excellent noun phrases.

It was dark!! Everything was cold. Frost covered the fields like a blanket of white shining needles. Fog was everywhere limiting visibility. All that could be seen was an eerie castle casting a sinister shadow over the land for miles. As a result of this life struggled to thrive leaving a shivering feeling throughout the land.

The castle stood grand intimidating trespassers, there was only one way in and out of the castle; it was through its gaping mouth blocked by a daunting door overseeing its visitors’ worth. Standing its ground from incoming enemies the castle’s walls stood high glowering down at it’s pitiful would be enemies. Happiness was no such thing around there; only fear and trepidation excited being led by it’s master.

All was silent apart from the crackling fires used to burn the whipped bodies of the slaves. The murder pit had a ghastly stench of the dark red spillings of the slaves insides. The castle had long been abandoned but horror still entered the scarred minds of its visitors as they ventured into the hideous monstrosity that was anchored to the wheezing earth.