Private Tuition

Private TuitionIt is clear that that many children have private tuition for their exams and there needs to be balance between ‘screen time’ and learning time.

It is true that over 60% of all viewing of the Internet is actually on mobile phones and this means that children are now viewing online media more than the old staple diet of the living room TV .

How many times have you been in a queue or on the way to work when social interaction is actually done electronically? How often do you see a face to face chat? This is becoming more and more common when at restaurants where beside a knife and fork in view of the diner is the mobile phone?

A group of 2000 5 to 16 year old children have been monitored and there is a growth of online viewing such as the use of Netflix and BBC iPlayer rather than watching TV. The days of dial up Internet are long gone and the expectation of every household is that there is broadband connection which has to be as fast can be. Children have a very powerful mobile phone in their pocket and have a tablet – perhaps private tutoring can help refocus learning with. Is private tuition right for your child? A 50% rise in the sale of tablets over the past year has had an impact on children. Children are spending on average 50% more time viewing online than they do when watching TV.

Children aged 15 to 16 spend time either watching online catch up software or are watching YouTube. The viewing habits are different for boys and girls. Boys prefer to watch Match of the Day whereas the girls prefer programmes like Made in Chelsea.

With the current demands of the ever distracting online media it is important that a balance between school work and online media is well managed and there are many tools which help parents to help their children. It is clear that a well tuned learning environment is paramount to progress at school in addition to having the correct support with revision and preparation for exams. There are some badly kept secrets which include revision, past papers and can have private tuition.