Kent Test for Parents

In 2014 the Kent Test changed it’s format. It is now made up of multiple choice questions and is marked by an automated marking machine. The test is taken at the beginning of year 6 and was on 10 September in 2015.

The children sit the following tests:

  1. Test 1 – English and Maths which lasts 1 hour. Each part is 30 minutes – 5 minute practice questions so the children become familiar with what is expected of them followed by a 25 minute test. The English part of the paper comprises of a comprehension exercise as well as questions designed to test literacy skills.
  2. Test 2 – reasoning paper which lasts 1 hour. This paper contains verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions. The non-verbal reasoning part of the paper is split into short sections.

The children will also have 40 minutes for the writing task – 10 minutes planning and 30 minutes writing.

All the tests are usually completed in a single day.

Advice on the Kent Test can be found at Kent Test familiarisation booklet

The results for the 2015 Kent Test were sent out on 14 October 2015 and the children received three scores: English, Maths and Reasoning.

The score ranges for 2015 results were:

  • English: 69 to 138
  • Maths: 69 to 141
  • Reasoning: 69 to 141

The maximum score possible is 420 and the children needed to score 320 or more with no single score lower than 106. In some cases, where the child has just missed the pass mark, a primary school can refer cases to the local Head Teacher Assessment panel. This is where the written piece is looked at as well as examples of school work and achievement in school.

Schools follow the National Curriculum and therefore do not make provisions for teaching the different elements of the Kent Test. Normally children will only see verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions at school a few weeks before they sit the test.