Year 6 times tables

Year 6 times tables

Many years ago it was expected that Year 6 times tables were learnt to a rhythmic beat of the desk with a ruler or even to the sound of rock band Queen’s song called ‘We Will Rock’ to ensure that Year 6 times tables were recited quickly and effectively.

In the 1980s Year 6 times tables were regularly tested in schools and up until recently children were tested almost daily. Some schools continue to test Year 6 times tables weekly but some have focused on other areas.

It is clear that the traditional rote learning of times tables has been the basis of all elementary mathematics since time schools were formed and the government have decided to introduce testing for all Year 6 timetables. It is important that regular and often testing of tables helps pupils to progress quickly in their basic maths skills.

All Year 6 times tableswill be expected to be learnt up to and including 12×12 under timed conditions using a computer software program. Nicky Morgan the Education Minister has declared that the times tables tests will help teachers identify children who may be in danger of not making the right amount of progress and then fall behind their peers.

Year 6 times tables appear in every area of the curriculum whether you are preparing for the grammar school selections tests or if you are studying for GCSE Maths. All pupils should be able to answer questions quick fire and under pressure as it is historically proven that times tables learnt effectively allow children to answer challenging questions with less difficulty.

There are lots of resources on the web and we would recommend this fun activity. to help you to help your child. You could also consider learning the times tables using song and Amazon has an abundance of resources. The last tip for tables is to ensure that they are fun to learn not only for the child but also for you.

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