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GCSE English Tuition

The Learning Academy – Secondary School English Tuition Ashford.

We cover GCSE English from the exam boards Edexcel (Language & Literature), AQA (Language & Literature), and OCR (Language & Literature). The GCSE English has a grading system which ranges from the highest grade 9 to grade 1.

English is a key component in all subject areas not just for GCSE English. Children will need to use their English skills to write a scientific report, a history essay, writing a persuasive letter or presenting an idea and responding to questions.

All our qualified teachers are specialists in their subject area and have up to date knowledge of the GCSEs having taught these in the classroom.

GCSE English Language

There are two papers which each student has to sit in the summer of their Year 11.

Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing

Paper 2: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives

At The Learning Academy, during GCSE English Language sessions, we teach the students to write effectively, deploy figurative language and we work on being able to write grammatically correct sentences.

Our students get to analyse and compare texts as well as writing effectively for different purposes and audiences.  Part of GCSE English study at the TLA is to work on summarising ideas and information from a single text as well as synthesising from more than one text.

Students will be able to evaluate a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features thus making them a stronger candidate to secure a higher grade in their GCSE English.

The students will be encouraged to use language creatively, imaginatively and persuasively thus producing clear and coherent text.  Part of our GCSE English study programme is for each student to develop writing effectively for different purposes and audiences.

GCSE English Literature

The students will be studying texts which they need to be able to understand and read critically.  Our experienced GCSE English teachers will teach the students to compare critically and contrast texts they are studying.   We teach the students to analyse and evaluate how language, structure, form and presentation contribute to quality and impact within the texts as well as being able to write effectively about literature for a range of purposes.

Our expert teachers support individuals by helping them to overcome exam nerves and to adopt effective revision strategies to get the best possible grade in their GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.

The TLA will endeavour to provide a strong English foundation for students who go on to study this subject at a higher level Post-16.

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